• David Q Rosen

  • I direct kids. They have fun. I have fun.
  • Small camera + wide lens = photo magic
  • Been an ad guy for 30 years, so you don't have to
  • My obsession over vintage cars with seductive vroom-vrooms
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  • Scout

    scout garage:

    i’ve been trafficking in classic and affordable vintage rides since realizing old mercedes needed love, too. intending to justify my time behind the wheel or incessantly hunting for relics, i gave my project a name: scout. so, that helped. a little. my lifetime lust for objects with wheels and motors shows no sign of abating, though I’ve had the distinct pleasure of helping more than a few friends escape the pain and bullshit of the new car dealership. men in shiny slacks should never win.



A little about David:

my metamorphosis to fast-talking, kid-directing ad butterfly came after nearly 10 years of slogging around as a gopher-like (but gloriously bespectacled) caterpillar—schlepping director’s reels up and down michigan avenue and across the country for some other schmoe. fed up, my pal mark androw and i founded chicago story. it was an idyllic time, full of late night coffee and manic email replying. but the executive producer lifestyle soon wore me out, and i set my sights on combining my love affair with the casting process and the boundless joy i receive spending time with kids: directing. it’s been 20 years, and there’s still a whole lot of sleeplessness, pressure and new age breathing exercises, but lots more collaboration and fleet-thinking. often grueling, always rewarding.

plus, if you’re into this sort of shameless accolade-listing, i’ve served as director of integration new media development for the filmworkers club and consulted with leading companies through my consultancy flukeBRAND.

best gig on earth.